Four Footed Pals Pet Service

Pet Sitting & Rates


Pets are an important part of the family – they capture our hearts and share our lives. They're our “fur kids” and they depend on us. That is why choosing the right care for them when you're away is so important.

Millions of us now own pets and there are many options available for caring for our pets when we are away or unable, such as boarding facilities, doggy daycares, or feeling guilty for imposing on family, friends, or neighbors. Since you are visiting this website, you probably already know that in-home pet sitting is a great option!

Whenever a new client calls and is unfamiliar with in-home pet sitting, we are happy to help them decide what is best for their pet. It really depends on the individual pet. If you are unsure, please call and we'll help you decide what will work best for your fur babies.

“Four Footed Pals” offers a wide variety of scheduling options to suit you and your pets needs. Whether you are at work, school, out of town on business or pleasure, we can custom tailor our services to fit your individual situation.


Pet Sitting

When you're away on vacation or business travel, we recommend a minimum of three visits per day for dogs and one visit per day for cats.

There are no surprise charges – no holiday or mileage surcharges. Our pricing is determined by the length of visit that is needed to take appropriate care of your pets.


Initial Consultation

(30-45 Minutes, Free for 1st time clients)

We can discuss your specific needs over the phone. If you decide you would like to meet, Four Footed Pals will come to your home for a complimentary consultation. We'll get to know one another, make sure everyone is comfortable, and that our company is the right match for your pet. Then we'll complete the necessary paperwork, transfer keys, and you can show us around your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.







Regular Visit

(30 Minutes, $17)

This is the most popular choice and works well for single and multiple pet families. At each visit, dogs will be taken out for a short walk to take care of business or allowed to play in your fenced backyard, whichever you prefer. Fresh water, food and treats will be provided according to your instructions.  We scoop litter boxes daily, clean up pet accidents, and play and love on your pets.

Services included:

  • Administer medication (oral or syringe), vitamins, and dietary supplements if required.
  • Water the plants, feed fish, and fetch the mail, newspapers, and deliveries to save you the hassle of having to cancel them while out of town.
  • Basic security checks – adjust lights, window treatments, music, etc.
  • Bring trash containers to and/or from the curb on pick-up day.
  • Daily notes taken to document your pet's care and activities – or if you wish, updates may be sent to you via e-mail or text.


Extended Visits

(Additional 15 Minute Increments – $5)

If you have a large number of pets (5 or more), or pets that have special diets, extra needs, or just require more attention, this is the visit for you. Includes all the same services as our regular visit, but additional time for special care, pet massage, longer walks and playtime. This also works well when there are numerous plants, a garden, or lawn watering to do.


Sit and Train

$10 Additional fee per visit

Hour-long visit includes all care offered during a pet sit visit (see above), plus a 30-minute training session. Number of sessions will be determined at time of booking based on behaviors taught. Daily notes will be left for owner.


Potty Pit Stop

(20 Minutes, $15)

This visit is for the dog that just needs to be let outside to go potty and run around to stretch his legs. Includes supervised play in your fenced yard (or play inside if inclement weather). This service is offered Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Not intended to replace a visit for vacation pet sitting.


Midday Dog Walking

(30 Minutes, $17)

  • Do you have a dog that misbehaves while you're gone?
  • Do you have a new puppy that needs to go out during the day?
  • Do you work long hours and need your dog walked in the middle of the day?
  • Are you recovering from a health-related issue that makes it difficult to exercise your furry friend?

If so, this service is for you! Dog walking helps keep your pup healthy and happy. Dogs tend to chew or misbehave when they are bored. Breaking up their day with a nice walk would give your best friend something to look forward to and could make all the difference in the world. An exercised dog is usually a well-behaved dog.

Walks are in your neighborhood. In addition to the walk,  we will check on your dog's food and water, clean up any accidents your pet has made and provide lots of love, hugs and attention. This service is offered Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm.


Happy Hour/Dinner Time Service

(25-30 Minutes, $20)

This service is for clients that need to stay late for work or would like to have dinner out after work and do not have time to break away and go home. Just call us! We'll  let your dogs out for a quick potty break, feed them dinner, and then let them out a second time. If desired, we'll call or text you when we have left so you can base your return time off of that. This service is offered Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 6:30 pm and subject to availability.  A minimum 24-hour notice is recommended.


Puppy Care & Potty Training

(Fees will be discussed per client needs)

Do you have a puppy that needs to go out more during the day? Puppies up to the age of three or four months may require 2 potty breaks during a normal work day. This helpful service is geared to take the stress out of puppy potty training especially during busy work days when you simply cannot break away every 2 to 3 hours for potty breaks. In addition, we offer helpful tips on getting your “puppy off on the right paw”. (See New Puppy Program on Training page)


Personal Pet Shopping/Errands

($20 + purchase amount within service area)

Did you forget something important? Let us get it for you! Pet food, cat litter, medications, or other errands or services you need taken care of.


Key Lockout Service – $17

Find yourself locked out of your home? If we have a key on file for you, give us a call! 


If you don't see what you need listed above, please request the services you require and we'll make every effort to accommodate any reasonable request.